Tim Pascoal


Pianist and keyboardist Tim Pascoal’s compositions come alive in a fusion of jazz, pop and world varieties put together with diverse colours, textures and shapes. A native of Portugal, he received classical training at an early age in pipe organ at the Lisbon Conservatory of Music. Later in his teens, he drew more interest in pop, funk, gospel and jazz,eventually receiving a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston.Tim tours internationally with his ensembles and has released three recordings: Walk The Walk(2007), The Sun Stood Still (2011), and Spake Face to Face (2015). His repertoire is diverse:from originals, songs of well known composers such as John Coltrane and Radio Head, to world music flavors brought out by a mix of traditional Greek and Portuguese instruments --percussion and vocals such as the Laudo and accordion featured in his song Alma, celebrating melancholic Portuguese tones. Continuing a steady schedule as performer, composer, producer and arranger, Tim’s goal is to take the listener on a journey open to interpretation.